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We focus on groceries, dairy products, cosmetics, household and other daily needs products and associated lines. It has more than 3000 running items to cater to the daily requirements of people.

All stores have state of the art equipment; qualified staff to attend to requests and a dedicated HOME DELIVERY team. Doorstep tries to provide the consumer with an international retailing experience and the stores accordingly have contemporary design and modern IT systems to provide utmost convenience to its customers.

The stores are positioned to serve the community they are located in and thus emphasize Customer Service, Assured Quality and Convenience, which the company is certain, will helped in establishing strong and deep customer relationships.

We always believed in delighting its customers. DS club apart from enjoying a wide range of products to cater your grocery and other daily needs- it get access to exciting rewards and privileges too. What’s more, the card also entitles for various promotional schemes and packages launched by the company from time to time.

We targeted the potential customer only in this category with fingers crossed. Things can go horribly wrong, a single rotten carrot had the power to bring the whole Startup down because the expectations are high and shortcomings are noticed and addressed publicly

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